MeetMeet The Legal team

Elizabeth Goree

Managing Attorney

Licensed in Louisiana and Alabama. Also admitted to practice in the Southern District Court of Texas, Eastern and Middle District Court of Louisiana, and the Bankruptcy Court of Colorado

Vincent Van Deventer J.D.

Case Manager

Birmingham & Atlanta Office

Atty. Jasmine Louis

Office Manager Colorado Office

Licensed in GA & DC

G’Neque Decquir

Social Media Manager

Meagan Smith

Licensed in Louisiana and D.C.

Shenedria Whorton

Case Manager

Louisiana Office

Ashley Alford-Johnson

Of-Counsel Attorney

Licensed in Louisiana & Georgia

A bit about ourFirm

At the Law Office of Elizabeth Goree, LLC we believe in taking a holistic approach to handling our client’s matters. Our clients have repeatedly told us that they were very impressed with our communication and detailed step-by-step plans of action when applicable. We are a fun-loving group, but take our client’s and their matters VERY SERIOUSLY!

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"Albert Einstien

What to Expect by Partnering with us

1. An Intake Coordinator will make initial contact with you to ensure that we can handle your matter. 

2. You will be notified within about 48-hours if we are able to assist you.

3. If we can assist you, you will then get a very concise, yet detailed engagement agreement thoroughly explaining the scope of our representation and the costs. -That way you have more than enough information to make an informed decision.


4. Upon engagement and remittance of the associated fee, a meeting will be set between you and Attorney to dig deeper into the ins and outs of your case and set the stage for what will happen next. 

5. You will then be granted access into a client portal where you can make updates, send secure messages to our team and see the activity on your case and the associated costs in real-time.